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What is a water wall?

Exclusive modern interior

An effective marketing tool

  • It creates unique views with the help of water and lighting effects

  • It builds a pleasant atmosphere

  • Emphasizes status and modern style

  • It has an unforgettable strong impression on clients

  • It attracts attention with its dynamics

  • It helps to stand strong in context of the competition

Future technologies today. You can control the water wall from your IOS or Android smartphone.

High quality waterproof materials. All water walls are made of acrylic, glass, plastic ABC. All materials are intended for touching with water.

Color of product. We offer water walls in any color of your choice. You can also stick and paint by yourself with any waterproof materials and paints.

Huge selection of background images. You can choose any picture from our collection as a background for your water wall.


RGB backlight. With a dynamic colors change, matched to the music and interior design.


Can be installed independently. The instructions for the water wall contain complete information on assembly, operation and maintenance.


Experience, warranty, security. We have been manufacturing aqueous walls for over 10 years. We give 3 years warranty. We use safe 24V pumps in our aqueous walls.


Built-in timer. You can specify the time to automatically turn the water wall panel on and off.


Model selection. You can choose any model that suits you from four possible sizes of water walls. We can also make a custom-made water wall for you.

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