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Water walls for the HoReCa, SPA & Wellness sectors

Why is a water wall needed in the living room, office, restaurant?

First, it will highlight your taste and the status of the institution. The logo placed on the wall plane will attract more attention and be better remembered. Clients will receive positive emotions. Customers will be grateful, after all you did it for them. Looking at the picture of the water wall, time passes imperceptibly, waiting will not be boring, and the time spent will be more pleasant.

Where is better to place a water wall in the living room, office, restaurant?

At the entrance, a logo with a water wall will be appreciated. That is how it will greet guests. The water wall can be placed at the reception or in the bar. Water walls can divide the surface area and separate rooms. Water walls can decorate private rooms, SPA zone and swimming pools, waiting rooms, rooms for rest, massage rooms.

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