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Underwater windows are real achievement in the field of architecture and construction of swimming pools. It creates great opportunities for the implementation of unique architectural and design solutions.

High quality and guarantee. Acrylic is an extremely durable and transparent material. Thanks to these features, it is ideal for retaining glazing of transparent pools. The correct calculation of the acrylic block thickness and professional installation by AQUA & ACRYL, as well as high-quality compatible materials for encapsulation guarantee that the glass pool will be used for a long time.


AQUA & ACRYL gives a 10-year warranty on the airtightness of the glass pool and an absolute guarantee on the durability of acrylic against chlorine and sea water.

The acrylic manufacturer Evonik Röhm guarantees perfect transparency and color retention for 30 years.


Unique beauty. The transparent acrylic panel noticeably increases the panorama view and gives the unique beauty to your pool. The panel is completely invisible in the water. The impression is that water is standing in the air. It's an incredible view.

The glass pool looks amazingly interesting, it adds a truly unique look to your home, hotel, SPA or club.

Acrylic panels can be bent and glued to create complex shapes that match the style criteria of your interior.


Profitable investments. Nowadays, real estate is the best investment. You can increase the value of real estate on the market thanks to its unique design. The glass pool will be at the forefront of the property's portfolio. With such an exclusive element of the interior as a glass pool, you will attract the attention of a potential buyer who will pay the amount you specify .

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