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Water bubble wall

Bubble water walls used by interior designers and for today is one of the most popular directions in the sphere of water disagnation. Be it an office or cafe, night club or restaurant, hotel or apartment - bubble water walls will help create a cozy and peaceful atmosphere, conducive to relaxation and rest. All this is done thanks to the properties of water, which are filled with transparent hollow structures of bubble water walls.

Thanks to the movement of a huge number of air bubbles that change their speed and trajectory, thanks to the illumination of different colors, water bubble walls will add charm to the interior. Due to the high quality of materials such as acrylic glass, which has high strength and excellent transparency, compressor equipment and cultivation materials of leading European manufacturers, water bubble walls are reliable and easy to use.

Such a property of a bubble water wall as transparency gives the opportunity to create an unusual partition in a residential interior, in the office or cafe, in a hotel or restaurant. thanks to the soft light that overflows inside, the water bubble walls optically increase the space and fill it with a fabulous atmosphere.

Our qualified specialists with many years of experience in this field will help embody any of your ideas in life. Water-bubble panels and bubble columns of any form, size, any color and with different backlight options will be created with your individual order qualitatively and in short terms

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