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Why do you need a water wall in your home or apartment?
A water wall can be used as a great decoration for an apartment or house. The interior comes to life thanks to the dynamic image created by water walls. Also, water walls have a positive effect on the human nervous system, help to disperse and relax. The bubble wall is a great light in the evening and the water wall is a natural to moisten the air in the room


Where can you establish a water wall in your home or apartment?

Water walls can be laid anywhere. For example, in the living room or in the rest room instead of the fireplace or together with the fireplace - the two elements of fire and water often meet. Also, the wall can be fixed in the bathroom or jacuzzi.

The water wall can be laid in the bedroom or in the children's room, it is better to establish a bubble wall, it will add romance and you can relax before bedtime. If the room is large, a water wall can be set up in the clinic. We do not propose establishing a bubble wall where straight sunrays hit

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