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Water wall waterfall

Regardless of the interior's purpose, be it an apartment, office, SPA salon or restaurant, we always want to see its unique and up-to-date. But in our time it is not so easy to determine the diversity of interior objects, unusual, interesting, creating the necessary atmosphere in the surrounding area.

A water wall after a glass or a mirror is a truly amazing element of the interior - because it is multifunctional.

Water wall after glass - an ideal option for zoning, passing light, at the same time creating a translucent water curtain through which only silhouettes can be seen. This effect looks the same on both sides, without looking at the water pouring on one side.

The water wall after the mirror visually expands the space because it reflects and collapses the room.

A water wall after a glass or mirror is a natural humidifier. Imagine that from a water wall an area of ​​2.5m² in 10 hours at room temperature, 3-5 liters of water evaporate. Such moisturizing has a positive effect on the tree in the interior (parquet, furniture, stairs and handrails, paintings and musical instruments) especially in the winter period when the heaters dry the air.

Also, the air, moistened with a water wall after the glass, will be beneficial to all people, also needed by people prone to respiratory diseases.

The water wall after the glass will create a special atmosphere of comfort in the room, filling it with a waking splash of water, nutritious coolness and freshness, thanks to melodious murmur it relaxes well and calms the nerves.

Water wall on the glass or mirror with the logo - an excellent marketing ploy. The dynamics of flowing water attracts attention and inflicts emotional humor. The logotype on the background of the waterfall has a serious appearance and is remembered.

A decorative waterfall requires minimal care. You only need to add water as it evaporates and wipe the glass from limestone accretion 1-2 times a week.

The wall-water company offers high quality waterfalls!

Our water walls are made of stainless steel, ABS plastic and tempered silicate glass. That is why we give a 3-year warranty on our production.

A water wall on the glass will help create the coziness of nature in your home. It will not only decorate your home, but also bring life energy and strength of water. On the website, you have the opportunity to browse various options and photos of finished waterfall in the interior

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