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Application of acrylic domain.
Transparent capacities are aquariums, oceanariums, transparent walls of pools, different decorative reservoirs. Glazing of submarine hotels. Transparent parts of corps of submarine boats. Furniture. Advertisement and artistic installations.

Technology of treatment.
Technology of treatment of acrylic plugs in itself the great number of difficult labour intensive processes. We saw, drill, mill, sharpen, bend, shape, glue, dye, polish, polish.

Production and equipment.
For everything higher added the special equipment is required. It is used instruments both joiner's production and metal-workingness. Convection stove obligatory condition for making of quality products.

Experience and guarantees.
We have an experience work with acrylic 15 more than. It allows to take us up the most difficult projects and give the protracted guarantee from 3 on the wares.

Consultations and educating.
We possess knowledge with pleasure ready that divided. To us the people of different professions apply for consultations designers, architects, engineers and technologists.  If you need consultation of specialist on acrylic, simply call to us or write.  We will help necessarily.

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