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Acrilic aquariums

Why must an aquarium be acrylic?

Regardless of the chosen form, acrylic aquariums have a high degree of transparency. Key-in of light of acrylic makes 92%. Now this most transparent material from all existing, even more transparent, than flowed. For building of aquariums, and oceanariums acrylic is an ideal variant

At an identical thickness, acrylic is able to maintain much more pressure of water, what usual silicate glass. Important property of acrylic aquarium is his high crashworthiness. If there are little children in a house, or large aquarium it is planned in a public apartment, recommended to set aquariums from acrylic.

Aquariums from acrylic have much less weight, as compared to aquariums from ordinary glass, that substantially facilitates loading on between storeyed ceiling, transporting and setting.

Possibility of shaping.
Acrylic can accept any forms absolutely, because he possesses large plasticity under act of not high enough temperatures.

Delicate guy-sutures.
At creation of large acrylic aquariums, blocks stick together at molecular level, creating durable and quite invisible connections. Possibility of polish of scratches on the surface of acrylic aquarium. Unlike glass, where showing out scratches is impossible

Acrylic is lasting material. A producer makes warranty 30 of normal exploitation. Acrylic carries temperature changes, any weather terms, degradation of optical and mechanical type perfectly. When glass is strengthened by means of triplex, in course of time it begins to exfoliate, what does not take place with acrylic during all exploitation.

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