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The scope of application of acrylic. Glass tanks are aquariums, oceanariums, transparent pool walls, and other decorative reservoirs. Glazing of underwater hotels. Transparent walls of boat bodies. Furniture. Artistic and advertising installations.

Processing Technology. The technology of acrylic processing contains many labor-intensive processes. We saw, drill, mill, sharpen, bend, mold, glue, paint, grind, polish.

Production and equipment. Specialist equipment is needed for all the above activities. Carpentry and metalworking tools are used. A convection oven is a prerequisite for producing high quality goods.

Experience and guarantees. We have over 15 years of experience in working with acrylic. This allows us to undertake the most difficult projects and give a long warranty on our products, at least 3 years.

Consultation and training. We have knowledge that we are happy to share. People representing various professions come to us for consultation: designers, architects, engineers and technologists. If you need a specialist consultation with acrylic, just call or write. We will definitely help .

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