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Polishing acrylic structures 

Our company's specialists perform services of polishing acrylic elements of the aquarium, swimming pool, vivarium. In particular, we work on polishing the cylindrical surface of aquariums, viewing windows, transparent tunnel and other acrylic surfaces. Polishing of acrylic panels is performed by a team of experienced specialists at a high professional level. The panels are qualitatively polished by hand using special polishing equipment. For precise finishing, we use the manual method with polishing pastes.

Visitors watch the underwater world through acrylic panels. The overall impression of aquarium visitors depends on the quality of the acrylic surface. It is unlikely that a person will experience aesthetic pleasure by watching a fish through scratched glass. Therefore, we attach great importance to high-quality acrylic polishing. The carefully polished panels impress with their perfect shine, clean shine and smooth surface. The acrylic "barrier" between the visitor and the underwater world is visually blurred, the oceanic spaces seem closer.

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